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Creative Marketing For For-Profit & Non-Profit Clients

Perhaps more now than ever before, it’s crucial for business owners and content creators to think outside their four walls and explore better avenues of connecting with their consumers in the digital age. Whether it’s conducting a pop-up sale on your social media or hosting an exhibit at a popular festival in your community, you want to have your brand exposed to as many people as possible because this will ultimately lead to better brand recognition and publicity that usually results in sales for your company or attendees for your event. Ricks Creative Consulting utilizes a variety of creative marketing services to provide our clients with innovative solutions to reach their primary target audience. Our key areas of focus include content marketing, music marketing, social media marketing, and experiential (event) marketing. We specialize in developing creative marketing campaigns to help get the word out and promote your business or event. Though we are located in the Dallas Metroplex area, we serve clients across the country.

Our Main Areas of Creative Marketing

Ricks Creative Consulting focuses on these four main areas of creative marketing:

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Content Marketing

RCC helps our clients create compelling, engaging visual and digital content specifically designed to reach their target audience. The key to effective content marketing is good storytelling. The basic idea is if you can connect with your target audience on an emotional level through your branding’s storytelling, you can create loyal consumers who are more likely to stick with your brand throughout the years. We can help you come up with a content marketing strategy and thought leadership to build better brand awareness to promote your business and ideas.

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Music Marketing

RCC specializes in crafting marketing strategies for our clients in the arts and entertainment field for those who are looking to connect with event attendees in concert and festival environments or for brands looking to creatively incorporate music into their marketing strategies. Through various music marketing tools, including social media and promotions, we’re focused on providing effective music marketing in the digital age. Whether you’re an established or indie artist, we can help you find your voice and better market your music with a competitive edge.

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Social Media Marketing

RCC is focused on developing strategic and campaign-based social media marketing content designed to increase overall impressions and audience engagement. Whether you’re a musician or a small business, your social media presence can let your consumers know that your brand is active and interested in hearing what they have to say in order to help you continually improve and strengthen your product or service. When implemented correctly, social media can create more brand awareness and loyal consumers who are more likely to stick with you and your brand throughout the years. Let us help!

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Experiential (Event) Marketing

With so many available options, today’s consumers are looking for something to differentiate one product or service from another. RCC creates lasting on-site experiences with social interaction and data collection methodology through our experiential (event) marketing for small businesses, b2b, music festivals and more. As an experiential marketing agency in Dallas, we keep up-to-date with experiential marketing trends, tools, and techniques to bring you better results.

Hosting an event can be beneficial for your business because it establishes a personal, face-to-face relationship between your brand and a consumer (don’t just rely on your social media presence alone). It can also be an effective means for introducing a new product or service that you’re anxious to receive consumer feedback about or as a way to expose your brand to an already captivated target audience.

Consult Our Creative Marketing Specialists in Dallas

To learn more about how our creative marketing solutions can help promote your business or event, contact Ricks Creative Consulting to schedule a consultation with our creative marketing specialists in the Dallas area. We look forward to helping your business or event grow through our successful creative marketing campaigns!

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