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Dedicated Project Management Services

The key to making any creative project a success is having the right roadmap to measure its execution. Sometimes it’s necessary for a business or non-profit to outsource its project management in order for it to be more manageable, especially in the case of a start-up company who’s still testing the waters and may not have enough staffing or resources available yet to oversee project management itself. When you rely on a company like Dallas’ Ricks Creative Consulting for your project management, you benefit from our many years of experience, our objectivity and our focused attention to detail.

Working with clients in small to mid-size markets across the United States, Ricks Creative Consulting will manage your creative project’s timeline, tracking key deliverables and facilitating weekly status meetings in order to keep your project on track. As part of our dedicated project management services, we focus on execution, status reporting and deliverable tracking to see how successfully your project was implemented with its specific goals in mind.

How Our Project Management Process Works


First, we spearhead the launch and execution of your strategic plan.


Next, we’ll conduct weekly status and update meetings to ensure everything is going as planned.


We’ll develop regular performance reports so you can more accurately measure your strategic plan’s progress.


Finally, we’ll oversee your project timeline and measure how well the execution of your project went overall.

Contact Our Project Management Consultants

If you’d be interested in learning more about how our project management services can deliver successful projects for your business or non-profit, feel free to contact us. Our project management consultants in Dallas specialize in project management leadership with competitively priced hourly rates available. Take advantage of our skills and ensure that your next project’s executed on-time and on budget.

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